Children's Ministry
Kids of all ages love it at ntc!
We have fun!  We teach them about Jesus on their level.  We get to know each other, and we always keep in mind that the church is here to help parents, not replace them. Your kids are going to love it at n​tc and ntc is going to love your kids!
Our Mission
ntc kids ministry exists to gather kids into age-appropriate community and equip parents so that kids can come to know Jesus on their level and serve others the way God shaped them to bring glory to God.  Our first and highest priority is every childs safety.
Every volunteer must submit to a federal background check.  We train and orient volunteers about safety and security protocals. Multiple safety volunteers are stationed in the building.  And another huge priority for us is to have fun.  So we pour ourselves into the task of creating exeperiences and teaching lessons your child will talk about on the ride home.

On Your First Visit

When you arrive at ntc, please park right up front, as our special guest!  If you have kids, you will be directed to the children's
wing and our volunteers will meet you at the lobby, take down your basic information and learn a little about your children.  We'll ask about allergies and special needs, then you and your children will both receive a tag.  The childs tag will have their name, allergies (if any), classroom & a number.  Your tag will have your childs number.  You then will be shown the classroom where your kids will be learning.

If there are any issues with your kids, that need your attention, you will see that number displayed at the front right side of the auditorium in red lights. If you see your childs number, please come back to our children's lobby. After check-in, just make your way down the hall.  In the main lobby, our greeting team will meet you at the auditorium doors and offer you a worship guide. Feel free to help yourself to a cup of free coffee and doughnuts.  Make sure you find a seat.  

Pre-Register your child(ren) 

Kyle Dotson
Student Pastor