Bringing people to a place of worship!
welcome to ntc church
Our goal is: 
 To help bring people to a place in their lives where they can worship.  We invite anyone to attend  although, we know we aren't for everyone. We are committed to helping people Begin a relationship with God, Connect with others and Serve in our homes, our church and our communities.
There are a few reasons why you should plan on arriving early:
HOSPITALITY! Before every servce we provide coffee, donuts & fruit! It's all free and available to everyone!
THE KIDS CHECK-IN! This process is brief, but it helps us to ensure your child's safety!  And just so you know, our goal is to give your kids the BEST hour of their week!  Plus, they will have an opportunity to learn about Jesus in a fun and dynamic way that is totally on their level.
THE WORSHIP EXPERIENCE! We highly value our worship experience and make sure every minute is filled with excellence!   So you will definitely want to be in your seats BEFORE the service starts!
We Look forward to serving you!
Service Times 9:30 am & 11:15 am
Again, Thank you for checking us out and we hope to see you this weekend at ntc Church!
       ntc church 810.742.9420